With travel restrictions set to ease, does your RV park amenities have a competitive advantage?

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It’s no secret that the entire world, including the USA, has been under stringent travel restrictions for the past eighteen months due to COVID-19.

In a welcomed twist, RVing has increased its popularity during this time. Of course, the reason is simple: RVs provide a safe environment to travel in, while also enjoying the great outdoors.

Camping in an RV is akin to having your own “hotel room” on wheels, which is a blessing for the pandemic-weary traveller. However, now travel restrictions are slowly but surely easing;  this can have numerous benefits for the enterprising RV park owner.

How so? Let’s find out in detail.

How can RV park amenities have a competitive advantage?

The inclusion of recreational amenities for all ages

Despite the social stigma that’s usually attached to them, RV parks have gained a new prominence over the last year and a half. With RVing catching on as a safe means of travel, campers of all ages have taken to this trend.

And now that restrictions are slowly lifting, RV park owners can amp up the recreational amenities in these parks to attract campers young and old. Outdoor recreational facilities in RV parks can contribute to the camping experience while ensuring social distancing.

As far as outdoor activities are concerned, you can also introduce water activities in your park. Pools are always a safe and popular option but opt for a splash pad or lazy river if you want to take things up a notch.

While we are talking of outdoor recreational amenities, we can’t ignore the campers with kids. If your goal is to attract the family camping crowd, then a modern playground is a must-have in any RV park. You can also consider adding a dog park for the furry companions your campers might bring along.

Finally, even while camping, campers will undoubtedly want to maintain their physical and mental fitness. So, outdoor fitness equipment and games can contribute to meeting this need. You can also consider adding games such as mini-golf, disc golf, or even a go-kart track.

Taking advantage of the natural amenities

Most of the recreational amenities mentioned above involve some human intervention or invention. However, nature is the one thing that never gets old. And spending time among nature’s beauty is the essence of camping, after all.

So, make sure you take advantage of whatever natural amenities your campsite has to offer. A lake or a similar water body nearby can provide your campers with swimming, boating and fishing facilities. You can also modify a pond area to install an inflatable water park.

Along with that, many campers also enjoy hiking and biking through wooded trails and forests. So, consider offering bicycles, boats and kayaks for rent at your campsite. These enhancements can bring a significant increase in revenue for your park.

If you’re catering to a more adventurous crowd and have wooded or rocky surroundings, consider installing a rock climbing or ropes course. An adventure-based amenity can appeal to those campers who are looking for a safe yet authentic adrenaline rush.

Finally, make sure to include barbeque areas and outdoor pavilions in your park, as they provide a safe place for the campers to socialize. This way, you can ensure that all pandemic restrictions are maintained while providing campers with a good time.

The campsite needs to be your biggest draw

By now, I think you have a pretty clear idea of how RV park amenities can give you an edge over the competition. However, recreational and natural amenities notwithstanding, you need to realize why the campsite itself is your most significant asset.

The campsite, and any furnishings it has, are all part of your amenity package, and this is something you need to capitalize on for investment. For instance, campers usually prefer larger, spacious campsites that have level parking pads, along with a decent amount of shade and privacy. Configuring RV sites with easy access to back-in or pull-thru is an essential aspect to consider.

To enhance the camping experience, you can consider adding additional facilities such as picnic tables, which provide a suitable venue for different camping families to spend some time together, all the while staying within the safety of the campground. Fire pits and BBQ grills are always a good choice for site furnishings.

Another aspect that you need to pay special attention to is connectivity, by which I mean WiFi. With most adults and children tech-savvy nowadays, your park must have decent WiFi coverage for entertaining campers.

But entertainment isn’t the only reason you need WiFi, as most adults today have to work remotely. And with many people opting to work while traveling, WiFi connectivity has almost become a must-have amenity.

Finally, along with the above facilities, you can also consider adding indoor amenities such as a bar and restaurant, a camp store and even an arcade for gamers. If your target crowd is more outdoorsy, opt for amphitheatres, live music, and festivals.

Final words

No matter what, we cannot ignore the fact that COVID-19 has altered our lives in more ways than we can yet imagine. Still, the need to be on the move remains deeply ingrained in the human psyche and camping, while RV-ing continues to grow in popularity.

Therefore, your RV park amenities need to be ever-present and functional to take advantage of this. However, it would be best to keep a few things in mind, such as modifying and choosing amenities to accommodate your target campers.

Remember, quality is always a more important consideration than quantity when it comes to RV park amenities. So, whatever facilities you have, make sure they are clean, well-maintained and hygienic. That last aspect is all the more critical in the context of the pandemic.

It’s not a cakewalk by any means, but if you can hit upon the right mix of amenities for your RV park, you can certainly keep the bookings flowing as people plan more vacations.

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