Five Post-Pandemic Trends In RV Park Development You Should Know About

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forcefully shut down multiple industries. However, things may be looking up for RV parks, and you will find out more about it here.

The COVID-19 pandemic abruptly brought all of our lives to a standstill and found people searching for some semblance of normalcy. During this period, the RV industry and development of RV parks and campgrounds are steadily rising.

An interesting tidbit I recently learned is that although only 31 percent of the world’s population consists of millennials, this generation makes up almost 38 percent of campers. I decided to explore the factors contributing to the growth of RV parks, especially now that traditional means of travel have been restricted and often undesirable.

5 post-pandemic trends in RV park development you should know about

1. Family And Pet-Friendly Option

There is massive pent-up energy of being stuck at home, not participating in daily activities, and travel using traditional means. Most families are desperate for a short getaway. However, the COVID-19 crisis has made it near impossible to do so.

The silver lining is that RV parks can offer the ideal getaway for families. Most people are still shying away from traveling on public transport and coming into contact with strangers. Beyond COVID-19, people--especially young families--recognize that RV parks are an easier kid-friendly option for destination vacations. With numerous companies providing RV rentals, families can try the lifestyle without considerable upfront costs, further expanding the variety of people willing to try this option.

When building family-friendly RV parks, it’s essential not to forget that many families also look for pet-friendly trails and parks in their travel plans. About 54 percent of RV owners insist on traveling with their pets in tow.

2. Remote Working Capabilities

It can almost go unsaid that the pandemic has encouraged a surge in remote work options for employees in many sectors. For young professional researching parks, they look for places that provide access to high-speed and high-quality Internet. Many remote workers will continue to do so even after the pandemic as it allows them more flexibility in their lifestyle and location -which transfers well to the RV life.

It’s not just remote workers that enjoy reliable Internet. Many people agree that they are willing to pay extra for Internet services they can count on to email, watch TV or use for browsing from the comfort of their site. 

3. Long-Term Options

In addition to a vacation home, the RV offers a potentially low-cost alternative to long-term housing. The idea of a transient lifestyle like this has been rising quickly in popularity with the millennial generation, and with increasing remote work availability, it’s only becoming more appealing.  

Now that more people are moving towards this option, it is vital to provide ample space to allow long-term stays for these RV owners. Making your park more desirable to these types of stays is all about location and atmosphere. RV parks that offer proximity to nature while providing essentials like parking spaces, entertainment, patios and other amenities are rising in demand. 

4. Plants

A key consideration for the growth and development of RV parks is to provide spacious accommodation with trees and greenery. 

Being close to nature is something that attracts a lot of people to the RV lifestyle. As such, planting more trees and greenery plays a significant role in the future of RV park development. Trees offer an ideal space for RV owners to set up hammocks and chairs in the shade, while smaller shrubs can create more privacy between RV sites. 

Planting specific tree species can attract birds and animals, creating a more natural, scenic ambiance for people staying in your park. This addition can provide an ideal atmosphere for campers who enjoy bird watching, wildlife photography, or simply being around elements of nature.

5. Spectacular Views

There are several reasons why individuals are moving towards RVs and away from traditional vacations. One of the primary reasons remains -the recurring travel restrictions due to COVID-19. However, other factors include how to travel with one's family and pets easily without breaking the bank. 

The allure of enjoying a minimalist lifestyle also appeals to a lot of people. Living out of an RV with basic amenities and small luxuries, including the ability to be close to your family and nature while not giving up on work, is fantastic. 

An essential and ongoing trend in RV park development will be utilizing natural landscape and design. RV parks that take advantage of the existing landscape can approach planning and design in a way that amplifies its natural beauty. 

There can be nothing lovelier than sitting back in your RV with your family and pets, enjoying the stunning views of nature. 

What is the future of RV park development?

2020-2021 saw a massive rise in the demand and sales of RVs, especially amongst the younger generations. In my opinion, the future of RV park development is bright - as long as RV park owners are aware of the ongoing trends and can use them to their advantage. 


The world is changing--slowly but surely, and all we can do is keep planning for a brighter future. 

Fortunately, RV parks offer a serene and safe space for campers to enjoy some time away from bustling cities or have a mini vacation with their family. Opting for RVs and developing RV parks makes more sense than ever now. 

That said, it is vital to bring back a sense of normalcy to our world, and this may be an effective means to do so.

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