Develop profitable RV Parks and Campgrounds

With over 50 years of planning experience in RV Parks and Campgrounds, we offer investors a unique perspective on how to design exceptional and successful RV parks.

“For over two decades our firm has worked closely with Donald C. Westphal Associates, relying on their 50-year expertise in RV park and campground land planning and design. Time and time again, Don has proven to be the ‘master’ of RV park planning, seamlessly building on our feasibility studies and market assessments to deliver fantastic results for our clients. As Westphal Associates (now the Nadi Group) transitions to the next generation of RV park design and consulting, we are excited to have Emeka Nnadi and the Nadi Group as our exclusive land planning and design partner—building on the proven land planning legacy with enhanced services including detailed outdoor amenity, camping and architectural design for today’s and tomorrow’s campers.” - Jayne Cohen, Campground Consulting Group
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RV Parks and Campgrounds offer many different amenities and experiences. Some people use an RV campground to explore nature, while others use an RV park to live permanently within a community. Meanwhile, an RV resort can provide a more extravagant option overall. In recent years, the RV Parks and Campgrounds industry has surged in popularity as more people utilize RV parks, RV campgrounds and RV resorts across North America.

Building a successful RV park, campground or resort requires a deep understanding of optimal site layout and usage. Will your guests live in their mobile homes in long-term RV Parks? Will your guests expect to use amenities like a clubhouse, hot tub or laundry services? Or will your guests want to be one with nature where their RV sites are secluded? These questions will help inform the design and planning of your RV Parks and Campgrounds.

What is the difference between RV Parks, RV Resorts and RV Campgrounds?

It’s important to note the difference between an RV Park, RV Resort and RV Campground—each one provides a different experience for the user. So, let’s begin.

RV Parks

Located in town or just outside of one, an RV Park often provides long-term opportunities to RV users in a more traditional camping setting. An RV Park has amenities like laundry, Wi-Fi, showers and restrooms, but mainly offers a less expensive option than that of a resort, giving people the choice to live near nature while still having access to the necessities.

RV Resorts

Much like a fine hotel, an RV Resort can possess many similar luxury amenities such as hot tubs, tennis courts, fitness centres, clubhouses, on-site laundry and even massage therapy. An RV Resort often resides in a desirable, popular location or even on a beachfront property with sites spaciously spread out and surrounded by landscaped green space. An RV Resort design typically caters to long-term and seasonal renters, with some sites owned by the user rather than rented.

RV Campgrounds

Unlike parks and resorts, an RV Campground is closest to “living in nature.” If Wi-Fi’s available, it won’t have the same efficiencies as RV parks or resorts! However, part of the joy when you're in nature is to become somewhat unavailable, and an RV Campground with its enclosed forested sites and narrow, winding roads will ensure you feel off-the-grid.

Grand Canyon Site Plan

How to develop an RV park, campground or resort?

Whether it’s a small RV park layout design or one that spans many acres, it’s critical to start with a site analysis. A site analysis will provide the climatic, geographical, historical, legal, and infrastructural context of a specific site, giving you a better idea of how many spaces and amenities you will need to include.

Sometimes, specific zoning requirements will infringe on ….

So figuring out these elements ahead of time will make the design process easier.

Kentucky Blue Grass Bubble Diagram

Why should you hire Nadi Group to design your RV park, resort and/or campground?

We have over 50-years of planning experience across the United States and Canada and offer a unique perspective on designing exceptional and successful RV Parks and Campgrounds. Our services include assistance in site analysis and selection, re-zoning, conceptual design, construction planning, permitting, detailed landscape design, wayfinding and brand image design.

Moreover, we work closely with Campground Consulting Group (formerly Gorin + Cohen Consulting Group), a firm specializing in RV parks, resorts and campground feasibility analysis that will provide long-term value to your project.

Snug Harbor Sketch Plan

“Nadi Group (along with Campground Consulting Group) provided valuable insight in assessing a development opportunity for an outdoor visitor accommodation project. We needed expertise to provide conceptual planning. The Nadi Group and consultants were professional, extremely knowledgeable about the market and trends, provided excellent analysis and reporting, and were cognizant of all deliverable timelines. As a team, they provide full-service consulting and understand the outdoor RV and camping business inside and out. I highly recommend their services.” - Marian Olin, Santa Cruz Harbor
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