Five cool things that happened at the Nadi Group in 2019

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Another year has passed us by,  a lot has transpired within Nadi Group. From the debut of Bokeh to the addition of new faces to the team—we've been busy, and can't wait to share with you what we've accomplished and how that will impact the new year.

It was hard to reduce this year to five key points, but we think we've highlighted the best of the best for 2019.

1. Bokeh (January)

After more than a year of design and construction, we celebrated Bokeh's completion with a family skating party on Jan. 12 at Kildonan Park Duck Pond. Over 1000 Winnipeggers joined the festivities, skating beneath the lights, snacking on refreshments and listening to Mama Cutsworth, accompanied by DJ Hunnicutt.

This project started after the Winnipeg Arts Council invited artist-led teams to submit a proposal for the creation of a feature lighting art installation around the duck pond.

Nadi Group worked alongside Takashi Iwasaki, a prolific Winnipeg artist to create the installation, made up of three art deco inspired lighting sculptures strategically placed around the pond. Each light sculpture produces a bokeh effect (blurred points of color to create a polychromatic image) on the frozen pond, creating a dreamy lighting experience for ice-skaters.

One of the unique aspects of Bokeh, and something we are very proud of, is that it was designed specifically for a winter landscape. The colour of the sculptures and the lighting effect on the ice break up the white winter canvas of the park without disrupting the natural environment.

If you live in Winnipeg or decide to visit in the winter, don't forget to make a stop at Kildonan Park to see Bokeh! You won't regret it!

K.W. Nasser Plaza (August)

One of our most significant projects broke ground this summer (i.e. construction began)! Located near the bank of the South Saskatchewan River, the River Landing complex is comprised of three new hi-rise office, commercial and residential towers, becoming one of Saskatoon's premier mixed-use destinations.

Triovest enlisted Nadi Group to design the plaza and fountain for the project. We took inspiration from Avenue Five Central Plaza and Water Buildings in Seville, Spain, the Pier 4 Plaza in Boston, Massachusetts, and Yorkville Park in Toronto, Ontario, to design an innovative, world-class central plaza and water feature.

As the plaza will be nestled between the towers, we wanted to create a space that was beautiful, inclusive and exciting. We explored a mix of hard and soft surfaces, using unique paving patterns and native trees, plants and grass species. We also examined incorporating several public amenities in our designs such as feature trellis’ with café style tables and chairs, and a formal yet playful water area with sculptural seating.

Check out some of the renderings below:

KW Nasser landscape renderings
KW Nasser Landscape Renderings

2. Welcome, Sarah! (November)

Just under the 2019 wire, Sarah joined Nadi Group as the Creative Administrative Assistant in late November.

Sarah graduated from the Environmental Design program at the University of Winnipeg with plans to earn her Masters in Landscape Architecture. She has been an avid gardener since childhood. She has grown to enjoy not only the aesthetics of gardening but the ecological aspects of it as well.

While some of Sarah's favorite parks reside in Europe, like Germany's Landschafts Park, Winnipeg parks still hold a special place in her heart. At the City of Winnipeg, Sarah helped plan and place flowers and plantings in local parks. You can witness her work at St. Vital Park, and Shovel Garden at St. Boniface City Hall.

3. Articles, articles, articles (All year)

Two years of articles and you're still reading them! Thank you for your continuous support and thoughtful feedback on our myriad of topics from tactical urbanism to architectural guidelines to walkability and climate change.

Here are the top 10 articles you (our partners, fans and clients) read this year:

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Just how walkable is Downtown Winnipeg?

4. Westphal Associates (December)

The Nadi Group will soon have another firm join the family: Westphal Associates in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Previously known as Donald C. Westphal & Associates, the Nadi Group acquired the firm near the end of 2019 to enhance Nadi’s expertise in Smart Resilient Communities and Innovative Housing Solutions.

For 50 years, Donald C. Westphal & Associates has been a leading U.S. planning and design practice for manufactured home communities, RV resorts and campground, modular housing, and single / multi-family community planning and design.
Donald Westphal, who will remain as principal at Westphal Associates, possesses almost 60 years of landscape architecture and planning experience. He founded the legacy practice in 1969, and his expertise, passion and energy remain critical to the future success of Westphal Associates.

With this acquisition, Emeka and The Nadi Group will continue the legacy of providing affordable and innovative mixed-use housing solutions to our current and future clients throughout North America, including First Nations communities.

Stay tuned for more information in the new year.


That's a wrap on 2019!

Thank you again for your continued support—we couldn't do it without you! Whether that's reading articles, commenting on posts or even sending an email to let us know how we are doing, your feedback is always appreciated.

Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!

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