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Principal | Chief Executive Officer

Emeka Nnadi narrating:

It really isn’t about the destination. It’s about the journey.

I started Nadi Group because I wanted to create a practice—I wanted to create a practice or a firm of my own that was built around notions of global human community building. I wanted to create a firm that had heart and had soul and that inspired through its projects and inspired people internally to the firm—and externally—to be their best selves.

Our design philosophy is really quite simple. We’re committed to designing for a better world. Every time we take on a project, we look at it through the eyes of the client and through the eyes of the user, and we don’t look at it through our own eyes or through our own perceptions or judgements. What we want to do is deliver a product that when we walk away from remains true to its source and to its clients and to its users.

Our company culture is collaborative, is playful, is creative and is passionate. I’ve been blessed to hire very talented and very engaged staff who are passionate about the industry. I’m also proud to have expanded the firm into multiple locations in North America.

I’m very excited about the future, very grateful for the past, but ultimately realizing that it’s in the present that we make the magic.

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3150 Livernois Road,
Unit 136
Troy, Michigan
Toll: 844-669-6234

289 Garry Street,
Unit 300
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 1H9
Toll: 844-669-6234

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