Uchenna Nnadi

Director | Business Development & Client Relations

Uchenna Nnadi transformed her side hustle into her main focus as the Nadi Group's Director of Business Development and Client Relations after a 14-year career as a practicing Medical Laboratory Scientist. What do these seemingly very different careers have in common, you ask? Well, success in either requires thoughtful, logical, and creative processes. Each of the Nadi Group's clients has a unique motivation for embarking on their project, and it’s her job to understand their needs, motivations, and personality quirks. Since Uchenna loves a good conversation--it makes her a very effective client-liaison. She will also identify essential client needs and represent the Nadi Group across all practice areas and geographic locations. Uchenna's life philosophy is to learn and reinvent herself through every opportunity and challenge that arises. If you have questions concerning any of the firm’s practice areas, feel free to reach out to Uchenna. She hopes to hear from you soon.

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