Emeka Nnadi


CEO | Chief Innovation Officer

Emeka is Nadi Group’s founding Principal and CEO. Prior to starting Nadi Group, Emeka practiced architecture, urban design and landscape architecture in Nigeria, the United States, and Canada. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Enugu State University of Technology, Nigeria, and earned a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design from the University of Manitoba, Canada. Emeka specializes in innovative, large scale mixed-use solutions, and is sensitive to urban development issues, affordable/attainable housing, and the intersect of technology, human habitat, and climate change. Under Emeka’s leadership, Nadi Group has delivered over 1,750 projects across North America, garnishing multiple national and international design awards and publications in the process. Emeka teaches postgraduate design, sits on several volunteer boards, and is an active mentor and thought leader. A TEDx speaker and ‘global citizen’, Emeka provides direction across the firm’s Detroit, Toronto and Winnipeg offices. When not working, he enjoys time with his family, enjoys exercise and the outdoors. He is also an avid tenor saxophone hobbyist.

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