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Sometimes your idea or need doesn’t fit neatly into one of our five practice areas. So, why not try Special Commissions? We're creatives, valuing innovation that excites and always ready to take on a new challenge.

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Whether it’s a pedestrian bridge, a baseball master plan or a crazy-ass solution for climate change—we’re game to take on a new challenge in Special Commissions. We like to consider ourselves an innovation hub, and our work in Special Commissions spans design competitions, residential landscape design and innovative master plans for future development—to name a few. Our architects and designers work hard to actualize our client’s ideas. 

We are creatives. We are innovators, and like your idea, our experience does not fit neatly into our five practice areas. So, if you come to us with an unusual problem or challenge, we would love for the opportunity to rise to the occasion and discover a solution. We thrive on innovation and the challenges of complicated, out-of-the-box sort of projects. So, please, connect with us.

What is a special commission?

At the Nadi Group, projects found under Special Commissions means the client’s project didn't fit into one of our five practice areas, but we still wanted to complete the work.

It’s pretty straightforward. However, our Special Commissions portfolio showcases our staff’s creativity and innovation when tasked with new and exciting challenges. Whether that's designing a highly complex land art solution or an intimate residential landscape design, we take a comprehensive approach to leading our clients through the conceptualization process.

For example, a client may start with a traditional master plan. However, down the road, as the master plan comes together, the client then requires a special commission for a pocket park within it. 

We also refer to design competitions as Special Commissions' projects. Even though some submissions didn't place, we showcased them anyway. They sit proudly alongside the entries that did because it's a reflection of our ability to respond to different challenges from around the world.

99 Red Balloons Technical Board

What is innovation?

Innovation is how we improve upon current processes, products and services to enhance efficiency and value. At the Nadi Group, innovation is as vital as the caffeine in our coffee.

We value innovation throughout each phase of the project—not just at the beginning or in early consultation with you, the client. The potential behind innovative processes is that it doesn't have to be massive, complex and expensive. Even small, incremental feats in innovations can have a significant impact over time. 

Innovation is also how we see the future. At the Nadi Group, we aim to be an innovation hub. It’s why our vision statement is 'design for a better world.' Before we take on any project, we ask ourselves, does it make the world a better place? A place where we value inclusivity, sustainability, accessibility and liveability and prioritize environmental protection.

At the Nadi Group, many innovations within Special Commissions respond to the environment. We believe climate change is one of the most significant issues facing the world, and we're experiencing its impact in real-time. Prioritizing sustainable, accessible and liveable innovation enable a better, more resilient future. We take inspiration from these elements. It's why our vision statement reads design for a better world. Before we take on any project, we ask ourselves, does it make the world a better place? 

Innovation that excites should enhance the world we live in, have, and need. We can take our relationship with the world to another level than where we’re at right now while still ensuring its protection and longevity. 

Bokeh Lighting Site Plan

Why should you hire the Nadi Group for your Special Commissions work?

We value the relationship between the built and natural environment.

Part of our design process includes researching the genius loci and understanding how people engage with the space. Still, most importantly of all, we listen to the client, synergizing all these elements together.

DreamScape One Site Plan

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