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We provide an integrated approach to Resilient Township Planning that prioritizes a holistic process in developing and designing communities.

"Manitoba Housing’s Land Development Branch has utilized the services of the Nadi Group team for almost 15 years in the development of the Bridgwater Neighbourhoods, a 1400 acre development in the southwest of Winnipeg. Nadi Design understands the vision, and process of the Bridgwater development.Nadi Design has , provided critical planning, urban design and landscape architectural expertise in Bridgwater Forest, Bridgwater Lakes, Bridgwater Centre and phases 1 and 2 of Bridgwater Trails. The group has consistently maintained the integrity of the project and continued to approach this as an important public service to the community. Nadi Group has a thoughtful, resourceful and passionate team that provides cost effective and client-focused options within the project, always giving us the technical and design input we need to make informed decisions. Turnaround time in deliverables is top notch and the team is consistent in their approach to maintaining project and service integrity. In addition, the team is innovative and talented problem solvers." - Jamie Patrick, Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation
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Resilient Township Planning is an integrated approach to developing and designing holistic communities. Every parcel of land in a city or town is different, requiring various zoning responses, environmental considerations and cultural adherences. However, by respecting the genius loci and local regulations, and by using sound land use planning principles and cohesive, intentional design guidelines, we can help you reduce economic and environmental costs while enhancing community livability. Think about the philosophies behind new urbanism and smart growth—walkability and the prioritization of people over vehicles.

At the Nadi Group, we understand that multi-scale challenges require multi-scale solutions. Therefore, it’s critical to consider the community as an ecosystem of integrated structures that work independently and together, offering support and redundancy if a disruption occurs. We believe that the integration of renewable energy technologies and the careful management of natural resources, including vegetation, wetlands and water, are essential to a thriving residential township.

What is Resilient Township Planning?

If we start with the word “resilient”, it means to recover quickly from disruptions or difficulties. A resilient township (or community or municipality) would mean that the infrastructure, landscape and residents can withstand interruptions while protecting and maintaining critical systems such as transportation, food, energy and utilities.

Even though the word “planning” comes last in this practice area, it’s the foundation of Resilient Township Planning. Master planning remains an integral step in ensuring a community’s resiliency alongside its value, growth and longevity.

A master planned community is a large, planned residential neighbourhood. In contrast to many residential subdivisions, Master Planned Communities are often self-contained mini-cities with several recreational and commercial amenities. The general development idea with a Master Planned Community is that a master developer will acquire a massive land parcel, which can vary between 2,000 to 10,000 acres (or greater) located in an urban or suburban environment. The development may become one significant residential area or broken down and phased into multiple neighbourhoods. Usually, the developer will gradually sell it to residential builders or commercial developers to build out the community over time.

We help developers create master planned communities with:

  1. Value
  2. Unique Brand Identity & Design
  3. Vibrant Mixed-Use and Housing Diversity
  4. Complete Communities Principles
  5. Smart, Resilient Design

Each feature can be viewed as a Jenga piece, when you remove a piece, the structure (township) becomes less sturdy (resilient). The key to a successful and popular master-planned community is delivering a strong sense of belonging and neighbourhood design to homeowners—your clients. When you develop a community that includes these features, it creates inherent value, and people will come to live, work and play.

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How does Resilient Township Planning compare to New Urbanism and Smart Growth?

Resilient Township Planning finds inspiration and direction from New Urbanism and Smart Growth. Walkable streets, mixed housing, commercial areas and accessible public spaces remain at the forefront of our work in this practice area.

If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, here’s a breakdown:

New Urbanism

New Urbanism is a planning and development approach based on the principles of how cities and towns had been built for the last several centuries: walkable blocks and streets, housing and shopping in close proximity, and accessible public spaces. In other words: New Urbanism focuses on human-scaled urban design. (Congress for the New Urbanism)

Smart Growth

Smart Growth is an approach to development that encourages a mix of building types and uses, diverse housing and transportation options, development within existing neighbourhoods, and community engagement. The following ten principles are considered the foundation of a smart growth approach: mixed land uses; compact design; a range of housing opportunities and choices; walkable neighbourhoods; distinctive, attractive communities with a strong sense of place; open space, farmland, natural beauty and critical environmental areas; development for existing communities; a variety of transportation choices; development decisions predictable, fair and cost-effective; and community and stakeholder collaboration in development decisions. (Smart Growth America)

Human-scaled urban design principles remain a critical component to ensure resiliency. These approaches prioritize residents of a township (or community or municipality) to build a more equitable base with considerable room for growth and innovation.

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Why should you hire Nadi Group for your Resilient Township Planning project?

At Nadi Group, we help developers create unique and memorable neighbourhoods through three tiers:

  1. Urban Design:
  1. Architectural review and approvals
  1. Urban Planning and Infrastructure

We take a holistic approach to Resilient Township Planning. However, small incremental changes or upgrades will also have a significant impact on your project. We can help guide you and ensure that your township has value, growth and longevity from the onset of its development or from any enhancements you choose to make.

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Bridgwater Neighbourhood Master Plan

"We at Discovery Homes appreciate the way Nadi Group conducts their business. They exemplify how to manage architectural guidelines for development in a way that beautifully maintains the overarching architectural vision while also being customer-friendly. As coordinator of Selections and Approvals at Discovery, it is very important to have someone that I can connect with directly and on time when questions or issues arise with a build. This reason is why I am so grateful to have Malvin Soh as my contact at Nadi Group. I know he is just a phone call away and will work with me to achieve a design that my clients will love and that will blend beautifully with the already beautiful design of the Bridgwater development. Thank you to Malvin and Nadi Group for all that you do to help us, as builders, create the dream homes our customers desire!" - Murray Soko, Discovery Homes Ltd.
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