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We have experience across North America in researching and designing the amenities that provide a competitive advantage and ensure a successful development.

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You understand why community spaces have the power to bring people together and how beautiful public amenities can influence where people choose to live, work or play. An appealing community image and desirable outdoor amenities can create uniquely recognizable community identity, make your project more competitive, and improve resident’s quality of life.

For several decades, we have provided outstanding amenities design services to multi-family developments, communities, neighbourhoods, and subdivisions. We work closely with clients to design the amenities necessary to make their project a success. In today’s marketplace, a professionally designed community that meets the resident's needs provides a competitive advantage to ensure successful development.

What are public amenities?

In the context of public space, amenities can include water, land, art, recreation and more. An amenity is something the public can use and engage with, and at Nadi Group, we’ve built a robust portfolio enhancing public spaces that meet and exceed the community’s needs. A few of our specialities include:

Water Feature

Even the mere sound of water can transform how a person feels at that moment, which is why fountains and water features should be essential tools in the development of public spaces. There are many ways to incorporate a fountain or water feature into a public space—it can act as a decorative piece, an entertainment piece or a functional piece of infrastructure. Landscape architects and designers can use and manipulate water in landscapes to produce different experiences for the user. They can design fountains and water features to act as a playground (splash pad), a hub or wayfinding device, or a place to cool off in (mist).

Land Art

Land art extends far beyond the confines of the space. It shapes, critiques and captures the history, time and essence of where it’s placed, creating “more vibrant expressions of human imagination.” It’s a collaborative process to create a piece of permanent land art that has longevity. Artists, city councillors, government, design firms and communities work together to create a piece of public art that evokes a stronger sense of place and identity. It can also integrate within the built environment, “[breaking] the trend of blandness and sameness” and addressing issues such as health, safety and wayfinding.

Public Plaza

The National Institute of Building Sciences defines a public plaza as “a community amenity that serves a variety of users, including building tenants and visitors and members of the public.” Public spaces, like a plaza, are instrumental to any city, town or community as they can be a wayfinding feature, offer opportunities for passive and active recreation and provide a canvas for public artwork.

Private Gathering Spaces

Now, more than ever, private outside gathering spaces remain a critical component of any development. With innovation and creativity at the forefront, we can approach these spaces to form patios, dog parks and green roofs used exclusively by the people who live, work or play in the corresponding building. It’s an essential amenity to include as it provides physical, emotional and mental benefits, but also environmental considerations that will add value to the property, including rainwater harvesting, sense of place and community gardening.

Recreational/Urban/Public Park

Parks and open spaces are necessary for the health and wellbeing of our cities and communities. They offer opportunities for passive and recreational opportunities, mental relaxation and a deeper relationship with nature. Moreover, parks and open spaces provide a space for people who cannot easily access green space of their own.  We can’t ignore the power these spaces have on the community, including revitalization efforts, engagement, economic development, safety, environmental stewardship, learning, arts and culture, and tourism.

Rose Lake Green Court Hand Sketch

How can public amenities enhance communities?

When we think of public spaces, we think of green space, benches, monuments and more. The most successful public spaces offer various amenities that can entertain and support a diverse range of people. Urban specialist Sangmoo Kim writes for the World Bank Organization, “Public spaces are the living rooms, gardens and corridors of urban areas. They serve to extend small living spaces and providing areas for social interaction and economic activities, which improves the development and desirability of a community.”

At the Nadi Group, we see the intrinsic value of public spaces. However, like many of our projects, we approach developing public spaces with their genius loci in mind. In the context of public spaces, this is called placemaking. The art of placemaking “inspires people to collectively reimagine and reinvent public spaces as the heart of every community… [facilitating] creative patterns of use, [and] paying particular attention to the physical, cultural, and social identities that define a place and support its ongoing evolution.”

Successful and engaging public amenities support a greater sense of place and local character, which in turn, brings people together, creating stronger connections, safer streets and better value. Even incremental changes or updates to current spaces within established communities has insurmountable benefits whether it’s an urban area, roof top or privately-owned public space.

Results from the École Salisbury Morse Place Design Synthesis

Why should you hire Nadi Group to design your public amenities?

With each project we undertake, we start by understanding the genius loci of the place.

Our experience spans land art installations, public space plazas, unique entry monumentation and sophisticated water features.

However, our expertise lies in our ability to learn (through public engagement) and determine why a specific amenity works better in the public space than another.

We always take into consideration the wants and desires of the client as well as the users of the space.  

For new developments (and existing communities in need of repositioning), providing a coherent and marketable image can be critical.

However, for older developments that require enhancements, public space amenities can modernize the community, attracting newer demographics who will add to the neighbourhood fabric.

Ensuring that the amenities included in a new development or an existing community in need of repositioning are what the residents need and works within the natural environment isn’t always an easy task.

Community engagement can help make this task easier,

Capella Courtyard West Entrance Amenity Plan

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