Ensuring a Successful Mixed-use Development

We approach the planning and design of mixed-use development from multiple, overlapping perspectives to ensure we meet all of our client’s goals.

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A successful mixed-use development often finds a balance between many competing project goals, creating a robust and resilient economic, environmental and social convergence. It provides accessibility and walkability for residents, reducing the need for private vehicles, encouraging social connections, and providing a healthy and engaging natural environment.

Our goal is to make the process (and the final product) as elegant, efficient, financially viable and environmentally responsible as possible, adding long-term value to our clients' projects.

What is Mixed-use Development?

As an urban design concept, mixed-use development (sometimes referred to as mixed-use zoning or mixed-use planning) combines residential, commercial, cultural, and institutional uses into one area or space. A mixed-use development provides developers, residents and tenants with more options within a condensed area, including multi-family residential and commercial zoning opportunities.

Zoning protocols for mixed-use developments include traditional subdivisions, urban or downtown CBDs (central business districts), PUDs or Planned Unit Developments, or other special designation.

The Atlanta Regional Commission does an outstanding job of outlining the necessary criteria that every successful mixed-use development should meet:

When we integrate mixed-use developments into communities, we create a stronger sense of place and identity. While mixed-use development has always been a resilient and sustainable option for development, in the aftermath of COVID-19, prioritizing mixed-use projects will create a healthier, more equitable and accessible environment overall.

Bridgwater Centre Master Plan

What are the benefits of Mixed-use Development?

A successful mixed-use project considers many factors, including transportation, employment, residential and environmental to create a more holistic space for living, working and playing. In other words, according to the American Planning Association, a mixed-use development should provide communities, cities and towns with:

Even though many new urban developments will prioritize mixed-use planning and zoning, buildings and spaces that already exist can also benefit from a mixed-use approach. Adaptive reuse is an environmentally responsible alternative to demolition and replacement when approaching a mixed-use project. It transforms an existing space with new commercial and/or residential opportunities, reduces our carbon footprint, and gives buildings a second life to preserve their history while bringing it into the future.

Red River College Master Plan

Why should you hire Nadi Group to design your Mixed-use Development?

We love the feel of a mixed-use development done right. Every mixed-use development is unique and distinct, and with over three decades of global experience (across Asia, West Africa, and North America), the senior associates at the Nadi Group understand that there’s never been a project quite like yours. Our diverse and international experience means we are REALLY particular about creating the right combination of uses, blending environmental, social and economic drivers to create your unique mixed-use cocktail.

We will assist with every part of the design process, including preliminary site planning, mixed-use zoning assistance, amenity and public space design, and construction documentation/supervision. We’ll help you create environments where people will live, work and play while keeping sound placemaking techniques, healthy living principles, and future trends in the evolution of the human environment in mind.

3071 Riverside Drive Mixed-use Space
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