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A private developer engaged the Nadi Group to create a land-use concept plan for a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) based on best practice in land planning principles and development trends.

Project Summary

The city has earmarked this project as one of several major redevelopment sites. Moreover, the project will have the characteristics of a complete community, including major residential and employment densities and attractive urban design that capitalizes on vacant or underutilized sites. Another significant planning consideration is the site’s location along a Bus Rapid Transit corridor. Thus, we will design the site with TOD planning principles, which means mixed uses, seamless connectivity, and a compact urban environment that mimics the 15-minute city concept.

Our Role

Our role is to provide a range of services that include a review of planning documents, context and site analyses, highest and best use of land planning and land-use concepts.

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Troy, Michigan
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