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Bokeh, Kildonan Park Duck Pond, Manitoba

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The Winnipeg Arts Council invited artist-led teams to submit a proposal for the creation of a feature lighting art installation around the duck pond in Kildonan Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Nadi Group worked alongside Takashi Iwasaki, a prolific Winnipeg artist, to create an immersive and dreamy lighting experience for park goers and ice skaters in the wintertime. Enchanted by the bokeh effect—an aesthetic quality where a camera lens blurs points of color and light to produce a polychromatic image—we designed three sculptural light fixtures to provide the same effect around the duck pond.

Project Summary

The Winnipeg Arts Council used a competitive selection process to determine which artist would create the lighting art installation around the duck pond. The council shortlisted our team, along with two others, to develop and submit a concept for the art piece; including design drawings, renderings, budgetary pricing, and a list of qualified installers. Given that we expected park goers to experience our installation during Winnipeg’s dark winter months, we used bright colors in our design to disrupt the park’s white winter canvas, creating a vibrant and animated environment for people to skate and feel ‘happy’ within.  

Our Role

Nadi Group worked with Prairie Pole Inc., a local custom fabricator to detail and construct the three unique light sculptures that are 7.3 meters (24’) tall and extend outward at 4.5 meters (15’ 3”). We custom welded steel for the main body of each light fixture with a powder-coated finish and sandblasted 11 acrylic globes (some covered with a spun aluminum cap), containing a total of 15 high-performance RGB LED color-changing lights. In addition, Nadi Group also acted as the artist, designer, project coordinator, negotiator and project manager throughout the duration of this project.

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