Roberts Resorts

Pine Valley RV Resort (now Village Camp)

Work with Us



The Nadi Group worked alongside RVi to achieve the client’s vision in creating a cozy camp village for inspiring and connecting adventurous souls.

Project Summary

We embraced the relaxed and easygoing cadence of small-town living through the creation of spaces that aren’t too fussy and allowed for authentic play and leisure. The Nadi Group and RVi worked together to create quality spaces that embody a genuine sense of community and foster communal activities while further enhancing a connection to nature. Through operations and hospitality, that homey sense of place is created for residents and visitors alike. The last slide features RVi's design contributions to Village Camp.

Our Role

While RVi created a detailed design for the amenity center and arrival sequence located in the center of the resort, the Nadi Group produced the overall master plan for the RV resort.

3150 Livernois Rd. Ste. 136
Troy, Michigan
Toll: 844-669-6234

289 Garry Street, Suite 300
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 1H9
Toll: 844-669-6234

51 Wolseley Street, Unit 100
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 1A4
Toll Free: 844-669-6234

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