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Architectural Competition Concours d’Architecture asked firms from around the world to design an Iconic Pedestrian Bridge in the Heart of Amsterdam in 2011. Located on Amstel 51, they directed that the bridge should “serve existing communities, visitors and the neighbourhoods around it”.

Project Summary

The Nadi Group designed Convexus as an architectural response to the neighbouring historical structure of Amsterdam, anchoring the bridge to the entry of the Hermitage Amsterdam Museum on the east bank of the Amstel River to its counterpoint on the other side. We imagined Convexus as more than a mere crossing and instead as a destination, drawing pedestrians and cyclists away from the canal edge and towards the bridge’s central axis where the café, admin, bike repair and storage are concentrated. We achieved this by designing the bridge to direct out, over, around and down the river, encouraging visitors to pause and appreciate the different perspective of the city and the Magure Brug (a historic 84 year old bridge).

Our Role

We created the concept design for this competition.

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