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A private developer engaged Nadi Group to create a conceptual design brief for a casino in northern Brandon, Manitoba. The conceptual floor plan design is approximately 13,000 square feet on a 4-acre parcel, which features the casino as the core function, surrounded by a lounge, a theatre, and multiple small shops -to better serve the guests.

Project Summary

To get the municipality’s approval a comprehensive package was carefully prepared for review. This package included conceptual drawings of the casino’s floor plan as well as site plans and other visual stimuli; in addition to documentations highlighting any environmental impact and compliance to rules and regulations.

Our Role

Nadi Group's first step entailed background research into casino designs, case studies and site analysis of the location. The findings of these studies informed us to adopt a design approach that is sensitive to the site’s unique topography, existing treelines, exiting road and connections and adjacent neighborhoods.

This approach guided us in the preparation of a concept floor plan with adequate net area for the different programs in the building and recommendations for interior and exterior finishes - that speaks to the architectural design and manifestation of its functions. We also produced a site plan showing internal and exterior circulation and an overall masterplan demonstrating the connection with a potential hotel to be planned in the future.

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