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Every parcel of land in a city or town is different, requiring various zoning responses, environmental considerations and cultural adherences. However, by respecting the genius loci and local regulations, and by using sound land-use planning principles and cohesive and intentional design guidelines, we can help you reduce economic and environmental costs while enhancing community livability. Furthermore, as we deal with a warming climate, erratic weather patterns, devastating storms or droughts, we can help you address how to protect and maintain critical systems such as transportation, food, energy and utilities. At the Nadi Group, we understand that multi-scale challenges require multi-scale solutions. Therefore, it’s critical to consider the community as an ecosystem of integrated structures that work independently and together, offering support and redundancy if a disruption occurs. We believe that the integration of renewable energy technologies and the careful management of natural resources, including vegetation, wetlands and water, are essential to a thriving residential township.

71 N Livernois. Suite A
Rochester Hills, Michigan
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289 Garry St. Suite 300
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 1H9
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C. 21 No. 161 A por 38 y 60, Colonia Buenavista,
Mérida, Yucatán, México,
C.P. 97127
Toll: 844-669-6234

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